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Ladies, are you as excited as I am about warm-weather running but struggle to find the perfect outfit bottom to wear for your runs? Let’s be honest, it’s super challenging to find the perfect pair of shorts to wear! The wrong pair of shorts can ruin an otherwise perfectly good run. Running tights make things so […]


I’m so excited to finally be able to share the big project I worked on this past February! I’ve partnered with Shape Magazine for the Run Into Shape Challenge! Together we created a 30-day training plan that will take your running skills to the next level. No detail was left out. It’s the same type of program every #RacePaceRunner I […]

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For as long as I’ve been running, I have wished for a shoe that could track its own mileage. At long last, that dream has come true with Under Armour’s SpeedForm Gemini 2 Record- Equipped running shoe. With a retail price of $149.99 this shoe will store data from your run and download the stats […]


Lithe Method with New Balance Women

by Jess on February 4, 2016

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve done anything other than spin, run or lift weights. When training for a race, it’s good to be focused on doing the workouts that will lead you towards your goals. There shouldn’t be any randomness in training. Each training session should have a distinct purpose that will lead you […]


Exciting Announcement!

by Jess on July 13, 2015

I’m super excited to announce something I’ve been working really hard on this summer. For a long time I’ve tried to come up with ways I can coach more runners and add value to your training for free in a way that’s different from what you can find in other places. In mid-June a light bulb went […]


The collection of barely worn shorts and the amount of money I’ve wasted on them is frustrating. It feels as if I’m forever on a quest to find the perfect pair that don’t ride up, chafe or fit like a diaper. Speaking with other women runners I know, I’m not alone in feeling frustrated. Since […]


Shifting Away From Marathon Brain

by Jess on January 13, 2015

How does the saying go? “Train the same and remain insane” or is it “Training the same is insane”? I don’t know, but what I do know is that when marathon training went from weeks and months to years and well years of workouts, things started to feel a bit insane. The strangest part is […]


5 Reasons My Next Race Won’t Be a Marathon

by Jess on November 11, 2014

I’m taking some time off from marathoning. The last time I took time off, I took an eight year hiatus! Don’t get me wrong, I still ran. Some years I ran races and some years I just ran to run. These are my top 5 reasons why my next race won’t be a marathon. #1. […]




It’s New York City Marathon Season! As always, I couldn’t be more excited. It’s definitely my favorite time of year even when I’m not running the race. This year I’ll be out on 1st Avenue cheering. I’ll be sure to let everyone know where exactly I’ll be so I can high-five you on the course […]

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