About Jess

Virtual Run Coach

Running found me at an early age. I experienced my first runner’s high when I was barely a teenager and it changed my life. There was no way of knowing at the age of thirteen that my career trajectory had been set.

Running gave me something I never knew I could have – a changed outlook on life and my place in this world. Today,  I credit those first years of running as to why I’ve lived the life I’ve lived thus far.

In high school learning that the food I put in my body could determine the outcome of a run, I dove head first into nutrition books and Runner’s World articles. Initially, this meant becoming a victim of the fat-free, processed food craze of the 90’s, but ultimately it was the beginning of my never ending search to learn about optimal nutrition.

As an adult I wanted everyone to have what running and eating healthy gave me (hope and empowerment).

In college, I decided I wanted a career in the fitness industry. Not willing to settle for just getting a personal training certification, I pursued a graduate degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. In 2011, I also completed a year long health coaching program at Integrative Nutrition. The skills and knowledge I learned in these programs, combined with my twenty-seven years of running and racing experience has allowed me to approach my coaching practice from both scientific and real-world standpoints. This unique coaching perspective ensures that my clients receive the most up to date training methodologies.

In 2009 after wearing many hats including Group Fitness Director, Corporate Wellness Coordinator, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Run Coach and Brand Ambassador I decided the best way to reach a larger audience and have a bigger impact was to start a fitness blog.

In August 2012, I launched Race Pace Wellness – a virtual run coaching service. I’ve spent a ton of time over the course of the past two years brainstorming how I could help more runners reach their goals or get expert advice that’s specific to them and their goals. Race Pace Run Club is the answer.

I hope you’ll join Race Pace Run Club whether in-person to learn something new, connect with other runners and help grow a supportive running community. Together as a team we’ll tackle challenges, set goals, work together in a supportive community and celebrate our successes.