4 Post-Run Simple Summer Smoothies

by Jess on May 26, 2015

Summer is definitely my favorite time of year. I run best when it’s warm outside. And although I once falsely proclaimed to love winter running, I lied.

I hate winter running.

I love summer. I love warm weather. I love sunshine.

I want to bottle up all these feelings I have about warm weather and the sunshine to create a special glitter that can be brought out to be sprinkled on the darkest, coldest, snowiest of winter days to magically transform this concrete jungle of gloom into the happy place it is right now today. Clearly, I need to move to a warmer climate!

Simple Summer Smoothies

Smoothies are my favorite way to re-fuel after a long run. But, I rarely drink them in the winter then go overboard on them during the warm months. To celebrate the return of smoothie season, here are four super simple smoothie recipes to make after a hot run in the sun.

To increase the nutritional content of any of these add in any of the following: organic protein powder such as vega, hemp seeds, chia seeds, greens, oats, organic greek yogurt
coconut berry smoothie

Chocolate Coconut Smoothie

Chocolate Strawberry smoothie

Healthy Strawberry Milkshake



After a stressful few months, I decided to make some changes to my original Brooklyn Half Marathon training plan and just do base-building runs (though I did full on race one 4-miler and semi-raced another). My mileage peaked at 26 miles the week before the race. I took a mini taper for race week with the hopes I wouldn’t totally blow up on Saturday.

I honestly had no idea what to expect on Saturday, but hoped to be in the 1:5x range. Even if I wasn’t trained for anything close to a PR, I still wanted to see what I could do by working hard and running smart.

Brooklyn Half Marathon Expo

Goals for the Race:

#1: Don’t be an idiot

#2: Run a negative split

Brooklyn Half MarathonRace Day:

My alarm went off at 4:00AM and I promptly went back to sleep until 4:20. I hurriedly dressed, poured my coffee in a to-go cup, grabbed my bag and hustled my way across 86th street to catch the fancy 5:00am New York Flyers’ bus to Brooklyn. The ride to the start was seamless and totally worth the $15.

I had over an hour to wait around once I got to the start. Since I had nothing to be anxious about I thought the time would crawl by but it actually went by pretty quickly. The lines for the port-a-potties were hilariously long. Since they were inside the seeded corrals the lines snaked through them in such a way that the entire corral was a bathroom line. When they collapsed the corrals the runners in corral 6 had to walk in single file lines through the port-a-potty lines in corral 5 to get closer to the start. If this was a goal race, I’m not so sure I would have been amused.

Brooklyn Half Marathon 5k Splits

Miles 1-3

This portion of the race is outside Prospect Park and while slightly crowded, it also contained a few downhills. My goal here was to keep my effort level around a 6 and not care about the pace on my watch (I actually don’t care about the pace on my watch 99.5% of the time, I run by feel and use my watch for feedback.) In reality, I was probably running closer to an effort level 7 or 8.

Miles 4-6

After the 1st 5k, I knew the only hills in the race were ahead of me so I wrangled my pace back down to a true effort level 6 and tried to stay steady until mile 7. Looking at my race splits this pace seems to be more in alignment with where I should have been during the first 5k. I’m happy I pulled back and found a better, more reasonable effort level. I felt good on the hills which meant I found a good conservative pace.

Brooklyn Half Marathon Elevation Profile

Miles 7-9

Just before mile 7 the course exits Prospect Park. Knowing the hills were behind me,  I purposefully went back to running at an effort level 7 – this is where things began to feel a little more challenging. Out of nowhere I felt hot, hungry and thirsty. I slowly ate a vanilla flavored cliff shot between miles 7 and 8. I also walked for a few seconds at the water stops at both mile 8 and 9. I didn’t feel like I had any other choice based off how much I was sweating and struggling.

Mile 9 was my slowest mile of the race clocking in at 8:29 and it felt like the slowest mile. I talked myself out of this funk by realizing I knew I could pick up the pace for the final 5k.

Brooklyn Half Marathon Race Shirt

Miles 10-13.1

At mile 10 I started to drop my pace by asking myself to just hold on tight. I still had no idea what my finish time would be, but I wanted to gut it out.


At some point it didn’t feel as hot as it did at mile 9 and suddenly it was raining so hard I literally couldn’t see due to the mixture of salt, sweat and sunscreen rolling off my forehead and into my eyes. I pulled back my pace for a bit, afraid I would run into other people since I couldn’t see. Luckily the course goes under two underpasses and during those I was able to get a long enough break from the stinging sensation in order to run with both eyes open again.

I realized I wasn’t suffering the same way I had during Run As One, I knew I could suck it up and run harder. I continued to drop my pace and increase my effort level as I approached the boardwalk and the rain continued to come down. The crowds and bottle neck on the ramp onto the boardwalk were a bit of a slow down, but once on the boardwalk I punched into high gear.


I outran my fitness level and embraced the pain which was good. However, my average pace for the race (8:10) is really close to my marathon PR pace (8:16) so in retrospect, I have a looong way to go until I get into any sort of racing shape this year.

If I want to reach my goal for the year, I’m going to have to shave seven minutes off this time and I have no idea if that’s possible! Only time will tell. Until then I’m excited to race all the races.

Next up, UAE Healthy Kidney 10k (Have I told you how much I hate that distance?).


The collection of barely worn shorts and the amount of money I’ve wasted on them is frustrating. It feels as if I’m forever on a quest to find the perfect pair that don’t ride up, chafe or fit like a diaper. Speaking with other women runners I know, I’m not alone in feeling frustrated.

Since how a pair of shorts fit in the dressing room isn’t always a sign of how they’ll perform while running, I dread trying out new run shorts. I hate not realizing until mid-tempo run that they really do ride up!

Running Shorts for Women

Since summer has unofficially arrived in the northeast and it is shorts weather, Jess D. and I decided to give you the skinny on some of the shorts we’ve logged miles in. Our initial list was ridiculously long so we cut it down to 8 different pairs and mostly included ones that we find ourselves wearing instead of the ones we will never wear again.

The shorts in our list are in order from shortest to longest. We’ve included the details we think are most important when making purchasing decisions. Lastly, while Jess and I have very different body types it might be helpful to know that we’re both rather petite (ahem under 5’2), so these shorts will most likely fit our long-legged friends a bit differently.

Our star rating guide:

  • 1 star = we wish we could get our money back
  • 2 stars = not the worst pair of shorts we’ve ever worn, but we only wear them if it’s laundry day
  • 3 stars = not bad, not great
  • 4 stars = almost perfect, but not quite
  • 5 stars = perfect fit, perfect pockets, perfect material

run shorts for women

1. Lululemon Speed Short
cost: $54
fit: low rise, loose in the leg
length: 2 1/2 inch inseam
waistband: wide & low rise
number of pockets: 1 back zipper pocket, and 2 waistband pouches
overall ranking: 3.5 stars
running reflections: This used to be my favorite short & something shifted last summer. Now, they are a bit short for my comfort zone & seem to have lost their shape after numerous washes. Still a great option- but I don’t think I would count on them for a long training run in the heat. ~ Jess D.

I wanted to make these shorts work for years because of the cute designs, but the fit just isn’t right for my thighs. Ultimately they are just too short for me and I’ll never be able to wear shorts this short. ~ Jess U.

2. Nike Pro Short
cost: $28
fit: spandex/tight
length: 3 inch inseam
waistband: thick elastic band at the top
number of pockets: 0
overall ranking: 2 stars
running reflections: I know some runners love these shorts- but I am not one of them. They continuously ride up while you are running, resulting in chafing. When you combine that with the lack of pockets, it doesn’t leave too many options aside from a short shakeout or recovery run. ~ Jess D.

There’s no way I could ever, ever pull of this style of short, so I’ll never even try them on. I admire the ladies that can pull them off. 😉 ~ Jess U.

3. Oiselle Distance Short
cost: $44
fit: loose in the leg and true to size
length: 3.25 inch inseam
waistband: stretchy, regular rise
number of pockets: 3- 1 front zip, 1 rear zip, 1 internal key
overall ranking: 4.5 stars
running reflections: I fell in love with these shorts last summer & ordered another pair during marathon training. They don’t move while you’re running, are well equipped for long runs with all their pockets (hence the name Distance short), and they are cheaper than most Lululemon options. They sell out quickly- so stock up! ~ Jess D.

The cut of this short is one that has been proven to work over time and reminds me of a modern, but much better version of the classic Nike Tempo short. These are the only shorts I have to size down in out of all the ones I own. ~ Jess U.

4. New Balance Impact Short
cost: $45.00
fit: mid-rise, loose in the leg and fit a bit big in the waist
length: 3.5 inch inseam
waistband: wide and mid-rise
number of pockets: 1 side/hip zipper pocket
overall rating: 4.5 stars
running reflections: These shorts are super comfortable and don’t ride up but the pockets drive me crazy. Add a real pocket and these shorts would get 5 stars. Because of the lack of pockets I don’t wear them for long runs. ~ Jess U.

running shorts for women

5. Brooks Epiphany Short
cost: $42
fit: regular rise, very loose in the legs and run big
length: 3.5 inch inseam
waistband: elastic
number of pockets: 1 internal key pocket
overall ratings: 3 stars
running reflections: These are a good for quick, short runs. The relaxed fit means I’m not self-conscious if I run errands on the way home from the park. These aren’t shorts I’d consider wearing for a long run due to the pockets and looser fit. ~ Jess U.

6. Oiselle Toolbelt Roga Short
cost: $47
fit: loose in the leg and true to size
length: 4 inch inseam
waistband: wide & low rise
number of pockets: 3 open top pockets & a back zip pocket
overall ranking: 5 stars
running reflections: My new obsession- love these! They have the flattering low rise look, but with a longer leg that makes them ideal for long runs. Oiselle nailed it with the toolbelt design, giving you plenty of places to “pack up” and also cooling side vent panels that are ideal for high (and hot) mileage. ~ Jess D.

7. Nike Rival
cost: $55
fit: low rise, loose in the leg and run a bit big in the waist
length: 4 inch inseam
waistband: wide & low rise
number of pockets: 1 back zipper pocket, 1 back waistband pouch, 1  front waistband pouch
overall ranking: 4 stars
running reflections: The legs on these shorts have just the right amount of material. I can move freely in them, but there isn’t so much material that they bunch up. The lightweight fabric means these will be perfect for the hot summer days ahead. The three pockets mean there’s plenty of places to stash fuel, money and an I.D. during long runs. ~ Jess U.

8. Lululemon Run Times Short 4-way stretch
cost: $54
fit: medium rise, loose in the leg and run true to size
length: 4 inch inseam
waistband: wide & medium rise
number of pockets: 1 back zipper pocket, 2 front waistband pouches
overall rating: 3.5 stars
running reflections: Though these are still my go-to shorts for long runs, the waistband stretches out after just a few wears. If that issue was fixed these would be the perfect run short for me and get upgraded to a 5-star review. The length and width of the legs fits me just right and the lightweight material makes them perfect for summer long runs. ~ Jess U.

If you’d like to see more shorts added to this post, let us know and we’ll keep adding them on!


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