Meb For Mortals

by Jess on April 14, 2015

{Note/Disclosure: I received a complimentary advanced review copy of Meb For Mortals: How to Run, think, and Eat like a Champion Marathoner.}

Meb Keflezighi has become every runner’s hero. While he’s been on our radar as a fan favorite for several years now, we grew to love him even more after his unexpected victory at the Boston Marathon in 2014, just two weeks before he turned 39. While, like you, I’ve read article after article about his training, I wanted to know more.

Meb Keflezighi NYC Marathon

In the book, Meb For Mortals, we finally get a more in-depth look at how this aging athlete trains and continues to set new personal records as well as how to apply some of his methods to our own training regimen. He also shares personal insights and admits he sometimes listens to Eye of the Tiger to get pumped up.

The book written by Meb and Scott Douglas is a quick easy read. Each chapter is dedicated to a different element of training and doesn’t leave any area out. Strength training, cross-training, recovery, mental training, eating and racing are all covered in the book.

meb for mortals review

What I liked most about the book is the insight into Meb’s training and life as a professional runner and the inspirational nuggets buried in each chapter. As someone who is 39, I appreciate how throughout the book he explains why and how he’s changed his routine in the past several years.

The book includes Meb’s strength training and stretching routines and details on how and when to incorporate them into your own training program. What the book doesn’t give is a specific training plan. So if you’re looking for a plan to follow you won’t find one in this book.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book but I think I would have enjoyed it even more if it were a memoir instead of a “how to” book.

Meb For Mortals: How to Run, think, and Eat like a Champion Marathoner is currently available for purchase here.

Edited: Meb actually wrote a memoir in 2014, titled Run to Overcome which I should add to my bookshelf ASAP!


Boston Marathon 2014

No doubt you already know that Marathon Monday is one week from today! While, my own running of the Boston Marathon has felt blurry ever since returning home from the race last April, the memories have been flooding back in as runners, spectators and dreamers gear up for the 2015 race.

Looking back there are three things I wish I had done differently.

#1. Not purchased official gear at the expo: Everything I bought, could have been purchased online and would have made things much much easier. Every runner wants to snag up all the Boston Marathon gear they can get there hands. Certain sizes were hard to come by and I could have saved myself time and frustration by just ordering everything online before the race.

#2. Lined up for the port-a-potty earlier: I’ve never stood in a longer line at a race start. I think I was inline for an hour or more. It was mayhem.  The race village is similar to the one at the NYC Marathon, but the lines where insane!

Boston Marathon Start

#3. Not been late for my wave/corral start. It’s a decent walk from the runner staging area to the start line. I believe it’s close to a one mile walk. I realize most people will know this ahead of time, but I think its worth noting just incase you don’t already know this.

Boston Marathon Starting Line

I’m not sure if I aspire to run another Boston or not, but it was a day that I won’t soon forget. If you’re running Boston this year or already qualified for the 2016 race and want to be prepared, here are the best tips I’ve found on how to successfully conquer the hills, plan your race and mentally prepare for running the Boston Marathon:

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11 Easy Snacks For Hungry Runners

by Jess on April 10, 2015

I’ve found that snacking can ruin my otherwise pretty healthy diet and is the primary reason for any unwanted extra pounds. Aside from the extra pounds, poor snacking choices leave me feeling constantly hungry and never satisfied, which leads to MORE SNACKING!

When I find myself falling down the rabbit hole of reaching for snack after snack, I know it’s time to revaluate what I’m reaching for and make a plan for better snacks. Reaching for a snack bar might sometimes be the easiest and quickest option, and I’m more than okay with that (especially if it’s a picky bar)! However, there are other options for snacking that might better satisfy our cravings. Today, I’m sharing my list of preferred whole-food snacks to give you some ideas of ways to satisfy your runger (run + hunger) throughout the day.

Below are 11 easy snacks for hungry runners. These take a little bit of prep work and planning, but they’re better than reaching for whatever is available.

11 easy snacks for hungry runners

When grabbing a snack bar I like to make sure it has real ingredients I can pronounce, is low in added sugar, has a decent amount of protein and doesn’t include any fake sugars or sugar alcohols.

*I realize these aren’t ground-breaking ideas, but sometimes it just helps to have a list of ideas to look at when you’re stuck in a rut.

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Training Diaries

Race Pace Training Diaries follows Jess D, a Race Pace Runner, training with the goal of becoming a faster runner and setting a new Personal Records in everything from the marathon to the 5k. Learn more about Jess here.

While journaling in my Believe Training Journal, I came to an interesting portion where you’re asked to break down the steps you plan to take to achieve each of your annual goals (read my original post about my 2015 goals here). This started wheels turning in my head…while I had a general idea of how to works towards my goals, I couldn’t pinpoint the steps to get me there. With Jess’s guidance, below you’ll see how we plan to check these items off the list!

1- Set a new best/faster pace with the NYRR to get into a faster paced corral for NYRR races:

If you aren’t familiar with New York Road Runner (NYRR) races, runners are assigned to a start corral for each local race based of their fastest time in a NYRR race of three miles or longer.

  • Learn how to race and pace properly for shorter distances
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • More speed & interval workouts geared towards short distances
  • Start incorporating plyometerics into strength workouts

2- Run two, sub-two hour half marathons:

  • Build a strong base in early 2015
  • Follow a 10 week training program from Jess
  • Race shorter distances to improve speed and to become better at racing
  • Incorporate more long runs during training than in the past when training for half marathons


3- Get back to my old base weight:

  • Assess any possible health conditions that could be causing weight fluctuation- currently testing for food allergies & thyroid
  • Readjust diet after receiving test results

4- Run a 4:00-4:07 marathon:

  • Follow a 18 week training program from Jess
  • Increase weekly mileage
  • Begin testing fueling options on weekend long runs
  • Increase mental toughness; if all doesn’t go as planned on marathon day I need to be prepared to get comfortable being uncomfortable and fight harder for my goal time

I’ll keep you posted as I check these goals off my list. And feel free to keep me accountable too!



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