Spring Marathon Training: Long Runs are My Nemesis

by Jess on January 14, 2014

My runs have been all over the place so far this year. I feel like once I’ve conquered one mental battle another one pops up, leaving me at net zero. Almost as quickly as I hit “publish” on last week’s update, I ran into yet another mental  block.

Luckily not all was lost last week. I overcame my general disdain for the ‘ole hamster wheel (err… treadmill). On Tuesday, I mentally prepped myself for six miles on the treadmill in much the same way I would for a race. I decided instead of focusing on my boredom, I’d focus on how grateful I was to have access to a treadmill when it’s 8 degrees outside. This method worked like a charm and I was really pleased with my tempo paces!

Later in the week, I wasn’t as successful when it came to my long run. I let boredom win and gave up ten miles before I was suppose to be done. TEN MILES!! I partially redeemed myself yesterday by running 12 miles, but I’m still a bit behind. I have a plan of attack for this week’s long run and I’m confident it will work. Actually, it has to work or I’m going to be in for a rude awakening this spring because I’m running two spring marathons. (eek!)

LA Marathon 2014

I’ve been lucky enough to have been chosen by Asics to participate in the LA Marathon Blogger Challenge (train for the LA Marathon in 12 weeks). This is a race that’s always been on my list to run so I couldn’t turn down the opportunity. Plus, it will be my first ever trip to L.A.!

Boston Marathon 2014Six weeks later I’m running Boston. Running this race will be a dream come true!

Training for one race in a mere 12-weeks with another race 6 weeks later is totally a new concept in my world. I’m not one of those people who runs back to back marathons. I haven’t quite figured out how I’m going to manage the two races and my training schedule, but I do know I have to get my ass in gear asap! 

As a part of the Asics Blogger Challenge, I’ve gotten a little advice from Coach Kastor, husband of Olympic Medalist and American Record holder Deena Kastor. I’ll write more about what he suggested and about my goals for each race as soon as I figure out how to get my long run groove back.

Have you ever ran back to back marathons or two in one season? Like me, do you feel like long runs are what will prevent you from doing future marathons?

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